Friday, April 24, 2009

The Wonderful Weekend

Since I started teaching seminary the weekend has had new meaning for me! I so look forward to it, that when it comes it almost feels like a holiday! Fridays are especially great! I don't have to think about a lesson plan at least until Saturday....woohoo!!!!! Celebrate good times...come on!
Can you tell I'm writing this on Friday?


  1. I don't teach seminary... but boy how glad I am for the weekend also!

  2. Hello Lynette,

    This is Wendy, John's wife. I have really appreciate your comments on our blog and I enjoy reading yours as well. I'm not well acquainted with the Watson side of the family so it's nice to have some correspondence and hopefully we can change that:)

    My mom has taught early morning seminary in the Los Altos stake for the past 16 years!!(she will be released in June) You early morning seminary teachers are something special in my book:) It is an everyday calling that takes lots of dedication:) I admire people who do it for the mere fact that you're awake and alert at 6:00 am. Just wait until summer mom always loved the long summer break.