Saturday, January 16, 2010


Marvin Ray Winner Feb. 9, 1926 - Jan. 13, 2010

I am grateful for funerals. I know it's odd, but it always give me a perspective that one usually can't get in any other way. Today I went to the funeral of Marvin Winner. I know his wife from church though I didn't know him at all, he didn't come much. Besides the tender feelings shared from his family members, which is always sweet, the gospel message part of the funeral is always very inspiring to me. Today it was given by David Corbett and he did a great job. These talks always bring into focus several things for me.

One- life is short and I would do well to make everyday count.

Two- the plan of happiness is central to my life and Jesus Christ is central to the plan. My thoughts and actions should be in harmony with His gospel.

Three- God loves all of his children... including me. It is comforting to feel the love that seems to fill up the room at a funeral. I think a lot of that love is being passed around from person to person, but I think Heavenly Father also shares a great portion of his love at these times also. Our new bishop, just called, didn't know Marvin either but the love he was feeling was showing as he conducted.

Four- Learning about the life of someone at their funeral always make me wish I would have known them better while they were alive. I don't know exactly what to do about that...

The funeral was all around a very peaceful, very spiritual hour spent reflecting on life and what I am doing with mine. I am grateful for funerals.