Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Dining

Every Sunday I remember how grateful I am to be married to Larry. In the last few years he has found pleasure in making dinner and then inviting over a family to help us eat it. So...not only do I look forward to the company of my children and grandchildren who live in town, but I also get to enjoy talking and getting better acquainted with a family in the ward. Dinner isn't so shabby either. On the menu today was barbecued salmon and chicken, fruit salad, green salad, mashed potatoes, rolls, a vegetable and deviled eggs. It is a veritable feast....and everyone enjoys the food and the company. Building memories every Sabbath with family & great food is just one more thing I am very thankful for in my life.


  1. Oh how I miss that... even more so now that I am on this crazy diet. But I love that tradition that you guys started. So much that Brent and I started it also... in a smaller degree. :o)

  2. I sure love Sundays. I think they are my favorite days, in large part because I get to spend time with you and Dad.

  3. That post is so sweet! I have been learning alot about marriage the past 5 years and I like how you talk about being grateful for Larry and that you can enjoy the little things with him. That is SO NICE!